Nov. 21st, 2004

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Insomnia wouldn't be so bad if i could just sleep through it.

My housemate (room mates share a room, don't they?) had a very good night. Been a long time since we could just be friends and talk about the bs that comes from life. I enjoyed it. she went out about 4 am, I think. It's raining and icky outside. Hope she's safe, warm, and careful.

Stupid car. We got the waterpump put in, but somehow it's still overheating. We (brother Sam and I) don't think it's the headgasket. Maybe we're just overly optimistic. I guess I ought to take it to a mechanic.. I hate to do that because money is sooo tight, but dammit, I NEED this vehicle. I will take any offers to take an unused used auto off your hands for the simple fee of doing whatever you need doing. Spirit of barter and all that.

My heart still aches for my friend Sherry/esme777. I've wrapped her in a warm plaid blanket in my heart, sitting near the fireplace of my soul, sipping the hot cocoa of my love for her. The least I could do for someone that has a much faith in me and mine as she does. Heck of a Lady.

Thanksgiving?? Again?? Didn't we just do this last year, and didn't I miss it then? Not really miss it, but just not be there because of work. This year, my Thursday workday starts at 11 am. Mucky le.

Hey Rabidchinchilla. Where are you dear? Lost in the world of California, I spect. No biggie, just haven't heard or read hide nor hair of you.

To Explain: Rabidchinchilla is a friend that came along at a very low point of my life and enabled me to see the sunshine in my soul by showing me the sunshine in hers. I get lucky that way, though I don't really believe in luck. I think the Universe looks out for each of us in it's own way, and in my case, provides me with the exact folk I need to enable me to keep going and doing the superman stuff that I do. Some make me smile, some make me think, some inspire me and some simply are. The greatest of these know who they are, because I've been in their lives, and they in mine, for a very long time.

I'd be will to bet a sugar cookie that the same happens to everyone else. I don't know if it's Tom Robbins or Kurt Vonnegut Jr who wrote in some book or other "If you make eye contact with a person for more than 10 seconds, you both have something to learn from each other"

My recommendation for reading: The online books of Bokonon.
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Today I finally got up decided to tighten the last screw on my car. I drove it last night, and sure enough, it had a leak. I figured there was a screw loose, and I was pretty sure it wasn't in me. So that means I had to crawl under my car in the rain.

Now, I hate working under cars. I hate it specially when it rains. and is cold. and it is raining and cold. Sooooo I tried to find a way under my car, but at my apt complex, there just taint no way. I got in the thing and drove it to my brother's house, crawled under the car (cuz I could actually get under it there) and tightened the screw. It didn't want to turn. So I got a bigger wrench. It still didn't want to turn. I got a bigger screwdriver. It still didn't want to turn. And it was raining. On me. Am I whining?

So I put wrench on screwdriver and hey presto! It turned. and I tightened it to an inch of stripping it's threads. It didn't complain. Why should it? It was warm and dry.

I went into the house to get warm, spent a few hours playing with my neice and eating a bit of chicken. then I got into my car and drove home. It didn't overheat as bad as it has. I'm hopeful. There's still a lot of smoke coming from the tailpipe. Makes me nervous, but I'll stay positive. I've seen miracles happen.

Hey, Blessings to you all! Best of days and best of wishes.


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