Oct. 13th, 2004

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Last night I sat in a pub with one of my oldest friends, and one of the friends that I never knew. It was a fine time, and I only had 3 irishes to get there. The night started out with a bit of anger over a situation that I still haven't decided how to deal with. This is a nunya, but if you're close to me, you know it anyway.

Last night was the first time in a long time I felt the magic flow again. It was like I was 17 and found out that I could *DO* things. I played in the Ether and flowed like it was soooo easy. It was a wonderful thing and to those that participated, I thank thee, and I say it three times.

Last night I slept like a child worn out. It was a good sleep and I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. It was also the first time I had done that in a long time. It's an indication to me that I have some pretty evil stresses in my life and I really need to do something about it. of course, being mostly broke all the time, or all broke most of the time does NOT help the situation, RE: the nunya.

Last night I found something out about me. I'm a pretty good person for being a sneaky, lying, no good rotten guy. There are those that I truely care about, and that pretty much includes the whole world. Even those folks that I shouldn't have anything to do with.

Course, right now I'm having a wee bit o' depression, but that's because I had to enter the real world again. SSDD.

Love you guys


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