Dec. 13th, 2004

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Yes.. two beers is much better. I think I'm coming out of some odd tendency.. returning to where I started.. coffee is for me!

Had a rocky start. Need to leave the past where it lay, let it go... there are no solutions where guilt lie. Had a marvelous night full of friends and revels. Very, very nice end to a rather rough day.

Thanks guys for the support, the shoulders, the hugs. Give 'em to LadyH too.. it was a rough day for her, too.

Joe Black

Dec. 13th, 2004 12:36 pm
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I had or have a very good friend. She taught me many things, the least of all to be outspoken in my hurts, and to dance in my joy. She isn't the brightest person I know, but she may very well be one of the wisest. We shared a relationship that came when I was at a very low point. It seems the Universe provides me these folks when I'm about to step off my path, and for her I am forever greatful. She can give me more laughter in 5 minutes than most folks can give me in a day. She taught me to be adventurous again, taking me places and showing me things that I had never seen before. She's a wonderment.

I am not a part of her life. That ended and the world spiraled us away on our own paths. She got straight and clean, got her life together, and in THAT life, I have no true place except as a memory. She is one of the folks that I'm most proud of, and we haven't seen each other for 2 years, except once when she came to tell me of her daughter's impending marriage. She glowed, she was happy, and she moved on.

It would be bragging, and a bit impertinent of me to say I had a hand in her decision to get straight. In truth, I don't think I did much at all except be her friend when she needed it.

She came to mind this morning when, on the television Joe Black came to my eyes. It was and is one of her favorite shows. One day, while we were watching it, she looked over at me with tears in her eyes and asked me to make sure that at her funeral, I would see that the theme to it was played. As a true friend, I could not say no, and I will make sure that it is played. I will do it through her daughter, who knows me, and knows of me. I won't break her trust in me, because she never broke my trust in her. She is my friend.

Death comes for all of us. Even me, eventually, I think. I'm not so sure. But I understand Joe Black. He wanders through the world with eyes that comprehend almost none of the interactions and interplays of humans, but sees much more than anyone else.

Sort of like Chauncy Gardner.....
Sort of like Valentine Michael Smith.....
Sort of like Toto....
Sort of like all the children of the world....
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It's tonight! Last night! Meteor shower approximately 2am - 3 am!

Gonna be veddy veddy cold!


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