Dec. 9th, 2004

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All my beloved ones, and those that think they are, but they really are...
After some discourse with one of the most intelligent and intuitive folks I know (even is she doesn't believe she is), I have come to a conclusion..

Most of us don't know who we really and truely are. Over the next few days, weeks, months, I may drop edited versions of our discussion here, because my ego dictates that they are JUST THAT GOOD.

I leave the writing of books to Tapestry, my good friend, as he will forever surpass my poor talent.

I have one question on this day to pose to all of you. There is one movie, just one, that encompasses our secret self. Who we really patterened or tried to pattern ourselves after. A movie that so influenced our lives that we had no choice but to modify our thoughts and beliefs to adopt some if not all of the ideals presented by it. This assumes that we have all seen a movie at one time in our lives, an assumption that I could be wrong about. Something tells me that I'm not wrong.

The question is, and this is a serious question.

What movie was it?

I don't ask what was the influence or what changed in your life. This matters to YOU, and not to me. The influences helped create the totality of YOU, a thing I appreciate as a whole, rather than a part.

Strictly voluntary, compleatly your choice. I do it so that those that want to know me may, if it is their wont, to rent it if they can find it, and see my secret self, so that they may better understand me.

Recognise that this is a movie that sometimes I can't remember. It is a movie that sometimes seems to be replaced by some other film that had an effect. It is a move that ,when all is said and done, had the greatest effect on my psyche, on who I really am, or who I really dream I am. For after all, aren't we just dreams we dreampt while we slept somewhere else? Aren't we all just shadows of the things we wished we were?

My movie is:
A Thousand Clowns, starring Jason Robards.

If you watch it, it is up to you to find and decide for yourself, who and what changed my life. Sometimes I fall very short, and it's a hard climb back, but each climb is very gratifiying in itself.

Bless you all on this magical season!

House of the Singing Waters


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