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By god, I must be pretty darn powerful to scare some chickenshites away because they are afraid I'll rant about them on LJ. Frankly, I was prepared to ignore it's existence, because this particular does not have any importance in my universe. I figured it would at least be a pleasant encounter, especially if I ignored this particulars meglomanic need to monopolize every location it exists in and claim to have more, faster, better, harder deeper knowledge about pretty much freakin' everything than anyone else. And ignore it I could very well have done. In fact, this post is the response to a dare. So, if you are reading this and find yourself offended, too friggin bad. You may want to ask yourself why you're offended and why you gave that power away to me. Why are you so weak?

On a lighter note, I will be moving, work shift wise, to a start time of 2pm and an end time of 11pm, monday thru friday. While not terribly conducive to any sort of weekday social life (Kit, you don't have to be afraid to attend the Wednesday Pub night! I won't be there!), it might be more conducive to my writing, since I write more creatively once the sun's gone down, the moon's come up and the world is quieter.

So... maybe I'll be able to finish my first full story in three years! Something other than a poor radio script that I no longer claim and a sad musical.

Anyway, here's to change! It happens to all of us, all the time. May yours be gentle, pleasant and deserved.

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Date: 2013-03-14 09:02 pm (UTC)
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Bill, the mire in my life, no big deal and not worth going over... again. Writing has taken a second place to living life and all that entails, sad to say. Thanks for lifting a glass... someday we'll have to bring some of Tim's brew up for you to taste. I don't recommend you drink it before you taste it. It is adventurous and he is an experimenter.


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