Sep. 24th, 2004

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Welllll.. it's another day. Tina is starting to adjust to James being gone. I'm still waiting my turn. James is really gone, but I can still feel him here. I guess it'll take time for it all to get real for me.
Last night, Sherry Superwoman, and Tim Oldest roomie came over and kept me company for a while. In the midst of all of it, some friend of the two called and actually wanted Tim to come see her. *sigh* From what I gather, this little girl has yet to get a true grip on adult reality, but there's hope for her. All she has to do is experience some real tragedy so that she comes to realize what is really important in life and perhaps she'll get a clue.

She's a good kid, just very self absorbed.. as in she's stuck in the "ME ME ME" phase of life, something most of us grow out of by the time we're about 8.

Aw well.. Life goes on. I start my new job next Monday, Tina goes to see about her survivor benefits. More to come. For those what want to know, there will be a memorial service on the 9th of October. I fully expect the leaves to be turned and the air to be beatutiful.


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