Nov. 19th, 2005

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I knew that I was not gonna make 50 thousand words. I'm about 1/2 way though the darn thing, I'm grumpy, I don't feel well, my sinuses are trying to burst through my head like one of those Alien babies and the story is yelling at me to write, and I'm yelling back I don't think I can do a very good job at it right now, thank you very much and here's where I'm at so you can darn well eat it for a bit, I wrote 2000 more words tonight when I didn't really feel like it, so there, you stupid storytelling thing person:

40,316 / 50,000

No.. I'm not gonna make 50 thousand words.. I'll probably be lucky if I can do the thing in 100 thousand words. *sigh* and that's just the rough draft, and I *KNOW* that even after the rough draft, there will be subtractions, as in clean up, scenes that really don't make sense in the story or even detract from it. BUT I also *KNOW* that there are parts I need to ADD to. Heck..
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well.. I went back to the story, and typed till about 3:36 am...

43,341 / 50,000

and now, I'm just really kinda tired.
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Not nearly, completely, almost halfway done with the story...

50,069 / 50,000

I reckon I better keep writing...


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