Oct. 9th, 2005

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I woke up this morning, grabbed my cup of coffee, sat down at the computer which sits next to the sliding glass door where I can watch the funny humans and I had no less than 50 flies crawling around on it. House flies. Crawling on my door, trying to get out. And those were just the one's on the inside. There was another 60 or so (yes, I counted 'em.. it's a compulsion) between the door and the screen.

Me and my lil flyswatter got to killin. But still, where did they come from? Besides eggs, of course. I have no rotting meat nearby that I'm aware of, I'm fairly clean, don't leave food garbage sitting in my trash cans, nothing that I'm aware of would let these nasty lil buggers hatch in my house. And why were they all congregated around my front door? They weren't flying around the apartment, they just sorta lookd like they were having a meeting on my door glass. And they were stupid, slow moving flies.. the sort you don't even have to sneak up on. Probably government flies..

Well, it's a mystery to me. It's possible that they came in on the office chair that I'm sitting in. I got it from a dumpster and decided to save it from being destroyed since it was repairable. Dunno what the gestation period is for fly eggs, but the chair has been sitting in my apartment for 3 months now.

Nother odd thing was when I woke up, a spider web had been woven across the apartment from one wall to the other. Maybe it was in response to the flies. Or .. maybe I slept way longer than I thought. Oddities, oddities..

As long as I don't get a rain of frogs in my apartment, I think I'll be ok doke.


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