Jun. 19th, 2005

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Be blessed on this day, all of whome you love and those that love you. Blessed even be those that have left their love for you behind, forgetting that, in the end, love is all we have. Be blessed on this day, you who strive to continue loving, regardless of the pressures to walk away from that love. Do remember, the good things that we've been taught come rarely from the good things we've experienced. At the same time, always carry your white umbrella with you, as the black birds do indeed continue to circle. You are loved, and you are blessed.

from my father, whom I miss.

To all the fathers:

Strive to be the best you can be in the eyes of your children. Exhibit good fiber and character, because it is from you that your young men and women learn how to march to the world's beat. Understand that how you treat those that you love will be how they treat the ones that they love. Understand that how you deal with life is how they will deal with their lives. You are the FATHER, that Patronus, the GodHead in their universe. You are Shiva, destroyer and creator, and must not take that role lightly.

Even if you are not in their lives, you have meaning, and purpose. Their memory of you in your absence is still very much a guiding force in their lives. Regardless of how you see yourselves, your children will see you very differently, and even if it has not been the best of relationship, there is always time to make ammends. Where there is love, and if there is a child, there is love, there will always be time.
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Dammit! I've tried to write more on my story, but it came out a discertation on my life in third person. I'm sooooo tired of my life and the road that's gotten me here. Days I wish I was just an average brain damaged human who only uses 1/10 of their capacity and walks around without having nerve endings that reach into every single person, plant and thing on the face of the planets. I can feel myself starting to come out of hermitage, and just watch! The earthquakes will calm down, the weather will revert back to normal, and there will be peace for a time.

My friends, I'm sorry I have been such a butthead the last few weeks.


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