Jun. 2nd, 2005

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Seriously, I love hearing how other folks see the world as they travel. For those folks that think Oklahoma has nothing to offer, and for those folks that don't live here, here's some slice of OK pie...

Oooooooklahoma, where the wind come sweeping down the highways that are something like 58th in the nation for being the worst Don't forget to check out the rest of the trip logs.. I was cryin'.

Now, don't get me wrong.. I love this state. I truely do. I think what I love the most is that, even in their most pretentious, NOBODY takes them serious. Raise taxes? Sure.. I have no problem paying for a Senator's swimming pool or 3 bedroom dog house. A temporary 1 penny sales tax that proves the word temporary is complete proof of the theory of Relativity? We got it here, folks. Still our gas prices are pretty much lower than every one elses. I mean.. I have yet to see the highest low octane jump above 1.99 and 9/10ths. I think they are afraid to hit that 2.00 mark.

Really. Come visit us. It's the one single place I can honestly say that if you wave at someone while driving they will always wave back. It's a place of friendly folk that will still pickup hikers and help lil old ladies fix flats, and go "Shucks, ma'am.. you don't owe me a thing". No, I'm not kidding. We really are that friendly. Just.. make sure your steel belts are buckled firmly on those country roads. Recent statistics show that our roads will decrease the average lifetime of your tires, shocks and general suspension by 50 percent! At least we don't have salt to rust the undercarriage.


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