Mar. 9th, 2005

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10:00 pm, Wed 9th, 2005

Talked with Sherry on the way home. Surgery seemed to go well, and her mom is out on respirator and holding her own. She'll be on the respirator for the next couple of days, but her blood pressure seems to be holding steady. They removed about a foot and a half of perforated Colon, and her spleen.

Silly me, I didn't get the room number. Sherry's pretty tired, and I suspect she's just needing good vibes and rest. Last I heard there were a lot of family up there lending support, so if you want to go see her, CALL her first. She will appreciate all the good thoughts, vibes, wishes and everything we can spare. She's bout done in at the moment, so lend her your energy.

She asked me to do the update, and I've done it. She's holding in, but pretty shaky emotionally. Just love her, folks. Send her all you can. She's been there for every single one of us and has not asked for anything, even when she was down and felt like she had been abandoned by her friends. It's not her nature to bitch or whine, so though she may not say much, let her know that she is loved, appreciated and supported.


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