Jan. 1st, 2005

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No, it's wasn't a misspelling. Just think.. a mere 5 years ago we were all hailing the comming of the new millenium. Even if the REAL new millenium didn't start til 2001, we didn't care. Some strove to wait for the coming of the anti-christ, some thought what the hell, he's already here. Some just partied like it was 1989, which the Hopi say is the real start of the fourth world. Read more... )

Anyway, it's the beginning of a whole new yar. May love and peace find you and guide you. May your pockets be just full enough that you do not want, and my your hearts be overflowing with so much, you simply have to share it.

Rev Chet,
House of the Singing Waters.
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I'm so friggin tired I just figured I'd write a bit...

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, near a Village nestled between twin mountains and snuggled at the fork of a river, there lived a man who was not tall, nor was he short, nor was he fat, nor was he thin. He was rather... ordinary in an ordinary sort of way, not pushing much of a mark on anything or anyone, no leaving much of an impression in the dust of time nor ripples in the waters of the Universe.
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Till next time, dear reader,

Your StoryTeller.
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____ Night Five ___

- Winding the Clock, Saving Time -

Where we left John, standing in the Cavern of Clocks, having just experienced himself on the outside, and having just found out that, as far as He Who Winds the Clock is concerned, John is the most likely successor. The questions and the answers were almost as confusing for the young man, but because he is made of stern stuff, of a questioning nature, and a curious mind, it takes him not long at all to come to some sort of balance. Life is often a matter of choices and decisions. What sort of breakfast shall we have? What socks go best with these trousers? Should I become the Winder of the Clock? And quite often we need to make these decisions quickly, and sometimes we have no choice at all in the matter. We join him at a point of decision.

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Pleasant dreams, my dears,

and may all your clocks have wondrous long mainsprings, tight fitting cogs and gears, and not stop tock ticking till you feel it's absolutely necessary.


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