Dec. 30th, 2004

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____ Night Two _____

- Into the Cave of the Twin Mountains -

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And that, dear ones, is where I will stop for the night.  My old head is simply too tired to carry any more stories tonight, and it's getting late.  But don't give up hope!  Perhaps the young man will walk through the door and find his answers tomorrow!  Then again.......

Have a delicious night and dreams of wondrous things that you have only imagined might have existed, but probably did.

"'Knowing that I know where I'm going, means that I'm on the right road, regardless of what road that may be."



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One of the joys of having my lil episodes is that, depending on the strength of them, I can lose time or memories, or both. Hmm.. Time = Memories.. interesting concept. What if Time, and illusion anyway, is totally dependant on our memories, with are illusion anyway. Wait a minute! I think this has been discussed by wiser, older and better paid minds than mine! And I do indeed believe that the answer is Yes! or 42, depending. Anyway.. It's one of the joys. I have a buncha folks that apparently I'm friends with, and those that I do know, I'll say, and those that I don't, please feel free to take one step forward and remind me where we met. No, I'm really not kidding. Those folks that I have known a long time, or have ingrained themselves on my memory deeply stay much longer than those that don't. I may very well have met you, and just don't remember you. Once I get reminded, then it all comes back. Yay, the wonder of the machine that is me. Read more... )

I believe, in my heart of hearts, that the Universe does not make mistakes, does not show malicious intent, and does not really care what socks I wear. There are no accidents, because the Winder of the Clock at the Center keeps it all running like a .. like.. well.. Clockwork. So unless you are CIA, FBI, or some other covert op that I have forgotten I was a member of, let me know, cuz it's darned good to meet you, even if we've met before!

"I'm sure I'm not done, since I'm not dead, and since I'm not dead, I must not be done"
"In a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation, I'll pick the hell that suits my needs"
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Since my housemate isn't here till about the 3rd of Jan, I'm just sitting and writting all the little ditties that come into my head. I'm working on a new story, the Theif of Dreams, a new ShopKeeper tale that may prove to be a happy one for once. At least it's better than the Monster, I story. ;_)
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Catholic Group Pledges $25M Tsunami Relief


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