Dec. 27th, 2004

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It was a good night. I went to PotBelly's, with a little assistance from Sherry and sat and had a wonderful time not doing a darn thing. Not only did I not get drunk (funny.. it seems that I'm not able to any more), but I switched back to my old coffee drinking habit. The BarBQue (not sloppy joes anymore) is sweeter and more tender than it has been in the past. I take partial credit for that, because the night they switched from sloppy joes (mmmm shortage of manwich?) to brisket, it was incredibly dry. I suggested he put about 3oz of beer in with the brisket, because it would help tenderize the beef and give it a better flavor. And he did! And he gave me credit for it, so I will take partial credit. After all, he didn't have to take my suggestion, so some bravery must be given to the man for taking a chance on a stranger's idea.

Jen showed up, and looked radiant. Don't know what Jon's been feeding her, or if she's been feeding herself, but it is working. She looked a bit healthier than I had seen her. Now if we can just get that lil ear problem fixed. Thanks for the hugs, lil cat, they were appreciated.

Hugs to LadyH, who called. She didn't talk long, but I threatened to put her on loudspeaker on my cell. She declined, but I wish she had been there, she would have been a welcome member. Sometimes I miss her wisdom and wonder at the world. Sometimes I miss it a lot.

Tim was there with his new flashlight. It is a tool worth making fun of, primarily because it's just a neat looking gadget and I wish I had one. Tim thinks it looks like a pipe bomb, I think it looks like a lightsaber base. The instructions, probably written in Korean, translated by an Italian, and then edited by the Japanese called for the thing to have four C type batteries. When we got it open, it required A type batteries. Go figure.

I've reached an interesting spot in my every changing life, dear ones. Those of you who know me have seen me go through.. oh.. maybe 50 or so different stages in my life, a few repeated, and I'm sure I've been here before. I won't go into a whole lot of details, but I'm feeling very happy where I'm at right now, a very calm spot in my serenity (redundancy? Not so. We can debate it if you want, but I'll win. It's my head after all). I just feel that I'm once again on a proper path. Of course, generally this tells me that something good is going to happen to all those that I love, and I'm hoping that it's true. Seems whenever I move from this path, onto one of those other mes that I am, things go kind of wonky, so I'm happy to be back where I am now.. if that makes any sense.

Now, it's almost 3 am. I'm going to go to bed, but know, all of you, that you are in my thoughts, my heart, and I hold you all in my arms while I crawl into bed. You are my family. And I'm one lucky person to have you.


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