Nov. 14th, 2004

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It was a day like any other November day. The world had a muffled sound because of the amount of water in the air.. or maybe it's because I'm loosing my hearing in my right ear. Regardless, it was the start of a day that was GOOD. I slept in late, about 10 am for me. The apartment was empty except for me, my roomie having been out all night.. wish I could have gone with her, but hey.. no mun, no fun, my son... so it goes. So I decided that it was time to get on the horse and see if I could fix my poor dead car. Especially since the guy I'm borrowing the truck from needs it back in a week. Hey! if anyone out there has a car they would be willing to sell cheap and take payments, plleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseee let me know! My poor ol' thing is sorta given up the ghost, so to speak. Actually, it just needs some tender loving care, 5 quarts of new oil, 4 new spark plugs, 3 new head and tail light lenses, 2 new tires, and a partidge in a pear treeeeeee (or a water pump, which ever comes first)

Ok.. why it was a good day. I started over to my brother's house and remembered that he had no tools, because they are being held captive by an evil ex landlord. I started back in my apartment and my roomie drove up. I dug through my toolboxes and didn't find a darn thing. *sigh* most of my tools are the same place where my brother's are. Guess I'll have to get them some day if I can. Gave my roomie a quick hug and kiss on top of the head and away I went. I got in the truck and drove away, knowing that today was going to be a good day.

The traffic was light, the truck drove great, and the air was crisp and chilly. I didn't even use the radio, just me and my thoughts. I got to my brother's house, and he opened the garage door.. reckon he was waiting for me. My brother Sam and I are the last of my family. My mom is in Indiana, a quad in a nursing home. We used to go see her every 3 months or so before D1 decided that I was a budget cut. We haven't seen her since. Sam and I have decided that we have inherited the long life genes of our family. Dad died at 72, james at 45. Uncle Jim had throat cancer, Uncle John had parkinsons and alzheimer stuff..... Sam and I just tend to go on and on and on.. course, we're still young, but I think most of it has to do with attitude. Neither one of us is set up to die, or even expect to. Sam, however has mentioned that he has had what he calls mini heart attacks.. *sigh*
Me, well.. I just get mini strokes. The last one was over 5 years ago, and it wasn't a bad thing.. it opened up all my memories for review. Timing was good, too.. since some of them weren't too good, but it was in time for me to share with my youngest before he died.

Sam and I looked at the car, decided to move it to the driveway where we could work on it. The damn thing didn't start, wouldn't start. Tried and tried with battery charger attached and everything. Nada, nothing, zip. I checked the distributor, and it looked fine to me. My second brain, Sam, said "hmmm.. maybe the plugs". We pulled them and they didn't look terrible, just bad. The Gap on the plugs was only TWICE what it should have been. So we shortened the gap, dropped the plugs back in, and the thing started, haltingly with a large cloud of white smoke and the smell of gasoline.

K. that done and did, we started to look at the evilness of replacing the water pump. Sam's tools weren't there, so we hightailed it to his workplace to borrow some. We got back and look and scratched and looked and got discouraged. The transverse engine is the worst design for home mechanics there is. I dickered and tinkered and got dirty up to my elbows and finally figured out that the only way to get the damn thing out was to remove the intake manifold. Which I had to figure out what it was anyway.. thank god RIF (reading is fundamental) So we gave up for the day.. tomorrow holds great promise!

I went in to his house, they made me a really great Ruben sandwich, I watched SpyKids 3, and then harry potter 1. Played with my nephew George and my niece Angela. 9 hours I spent there, and it was wonderful. Family is just about the most important thing there is. Anyway.. I had a very good day, and tomorrow holds promise. My roomie and I are doing relatively well for adjusting to each other, and the world is falling to pieces. Exactly like I want it.

See, I have a theory that we are just about to emerge from Adolesence. It's painful, and we might end up getting pimples and hairy armpits, but I think mankind is on the brink of another evolutionary leap. No matter how uncomfortable the world may seem.. Bush and the 'War' and all that crap, I think it's necessary to grow. I think we're about to do something that we've been primed for since we first said "Slime?? We're Slime?? Damn.. there's got to be something better than just being Slime. What's over there? Pass the mustard" For any creationists out there.. gee, I'm sorry. I've talked to your god. He sends his best regards and suggests you quit sending him requests to fix things. He really thinks you're great folks and all, but he says you keep looking to the wrong source of your problems. Creationizm and Evolutionizm can co-exists.. but only if you can be frigging intelligent about it. See. Adam and Eve (if you MUST have anthropologic names to folks that couldn't even speak) were Slime! No form! No coherent human thought! Just like GOD.. get a clue, kids.. come out of the sandbox.. the cat wants to use it.. and come play in the playground the Universe provides.

Enough preaching... Especially since I pay my taxes. Ask the IRS.. every month I send 'em a check.


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