Jul. 26th, 2004

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Man.. the world is odd. Has it really been since April 1st since I last bitched? Ok.. the news.

The job I have sucks sorta. I'm not traveling any more. The woman who thinks she owns the company (Bosses wife), has decided that I'm a screw up. I mean.. just because I basically told her she was an idiot.. is that any reason to hold a grudge? There's more to this story, but you'll have to pay me for it.

I have 3 ideas for making money. Sell DaVinci Models. Start my own computer support business... umm.. and something else. Ok.. I have 2 ideas for making money.. All I have to do is get off my DA and do it, right? RIGHT?

Got rid of the lump on my sofa. My friend Kylee is staying with me now, but that's all right. She's a good person, pitches in, cleans, does laundry, actually has a job, and is fairly quiet. Takes up very little room. She does like country music.. and my chair. Oh well.. nobody's perfect. Least of all me.

Friend Jen is going through trials and tribulations of young adulthood. Her birthday was the 29th of June, and I was so caught up in my own melodrama that it just passed me by. Just as well. There are those folks that will remain in memory, and sometimes that's the best place for them, until you need them.

Linda is doing well. Her foot is giving her problems, but she sounds happier than she has in the past. Wanted to go see her this weekend, but it wasn't to be. Her birthday is coming soon, so I'll make the trek then.

bills, bills, bills. 'nuff said.

As for me, well... life is interesting. I may have a new job at the Cherokee Casino. The old job doesn't want to let me go. They tell me that they need me because they need a full time tech support person. Now, in my head, a steady paycheck would be a wonderful thing. So I think I'm gonna check out the Casino. It's a temp position for 2 months, and no promise of hiring after that. I'll see if I can wrangle doing both at the same time. That would certainly help the bank account since my current job pays maybe once a month. There's folks that that haven't been paid in 3 or 4 months. Goofy rabbis.. think they would know that payroll is the most important part.


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