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Apr. 21st, 2010 10:36 am
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I have found, at long last, my holy grail of books. It's a book that I read 4 decades ago. It had a profound effect on my, but I can't say why because I haven't really looked that deep. I found the book a few years back after years of searching (I think it was when capi was here), but then it disappeared. I thought I had loaned it to some one, but couldn't remember who or when. It was a situation made frustrating because I could remember the first word of the title and the last word of the title, but that was about it. "The *something* man" doesn't help on google search, let me tell you. I even remembered what the cover looked like, but it just wouldn't focus for me when I looked at the title. I have been searching for this book for over 20 years. Why? I still don't know, but it's something important to me.

and lo! in the midst of moving my multitude of paper backs, I awaken to find it sitting on the top of the stack. No. Seriously. I woke up and I must have put it on the very top of a stack of books while I was working. Or maybe..... it was the pixies! Darn those magical kid!

Anyway, in case I lose it again, it's The Artificial Man by L.P.Davies. A story about love, life, how we perceive ourselves and the lies we tend to believe out of convenience. I tend to remember that parts seemed kinda cheesy - like the end, but for the most part I enjoyed how the story was put together.

I'm gonna go read it again, and may just give a review on Wanderradio ... 109.9 - almost on your radio dial. (I just love saying that)


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