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There are five phrases, ancient beyond history, that when said together by a person of power, gives that one control over the universe and reality. A single phrase, spoken alone without the others, will drive an ordinary person mad, their minds trapped outside of this dimension, and unable to reach back to the world they know as home.

It was our job to stop the Speaker. It was our job to destroy the evidence that the phrases ever existed. It was going to be a rough day.
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It was gathering of warrior knights, deep in a ancient forest. They stood at ease, surrounding a large bonfire. The stars glittered far above and a full moon added it's light to the flickering firelight. Maybe a hundred or so of them, standing in full armor, shiny beneath cloaks of red and brown and black and green were talking quietly amongst themselves. A group of 13 were dressed in white cloaks and standing off to one side. As one, they drew their swords and struck the points in the air above their heads. A loud bong sounded through the woods, echoing off the soft bark of the aged trees.

A soft glow spread from the tips of the swords and radiated outward, casting wavery shadows all about. The white robbed knights trod forward, chanting loudly and stepped forward, gather all the other knights behind them. Through the forest they went, one and all, onward to their destination, sure that they would be victorious.

I woke from this dream with the image of the gathering, but could not remember what they had said. The chant was strong and was not magical in nature, but was more of an affirmation of the duty they were about to accomplish. I believe they were marching to overthrow a great evil that had befallen their land. I also believe that this may be a part of a new series that is forming in my head.
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Having a REAL dream that lasted all night long about living in a small town with a tall, thin, blond haired woman, who, while never a physical beauty outwardly, was shining from the inward outward. We had two little girls, twins, as cute as could be, and they both wore blue dresses... the sort that flare out at the bottom, so you can see the petticoats underneath. I can see the two of them playing tag in the yard, running and laughing and screaming "no fair!" at each other, because that is what five year old children do.

We lived in a tiny white clapboard house that sat on a dirt road at the edge of town. There were mountains off in the distance, about five or six miles away... maybe ten. The morning I dreamed of we were just sitting on our porch swing, watching the day begin and drinking our tea and just being happy while our babies ran like hooligans out in the yard. There was a large maple tree who shaded us from the sun, which was pretty strong for even that early in the day.

I worked at a sawmill, pushing papers and fixing machinery. I never saw the bossman, so maybe it was me. That would have been cool. Not much happened that day, just another normal day of figuring figures at the desk. Business must have been slow because that part of the dream came and went like a wind blown grocery sack.

A thing that does not suck is a dream of life and love, a dream where one entire day is lived in 8 hours and the memories carry on forever and every.
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Dream about working in the space between life and death, drying out the remains of the dead and assisting in the judging of them. Forensic death detective trainee. There was one case where a young boy had been mislabeled and I spent quite a bit of the dream tracking down his real name. The clue I had that he was not who he was labeled as was because his soul was too light to be that evil. There was no way he could be a murderer.

Even though I was a trainee, my boss disappeared and went somewhere else. I don't even recall his face.

The remains of the dead look like driftwood, but very, very white.

Interesting. The good get dried and become lighter. The bad stay damp and are trapped where they are.


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