Nano plan.

Oct. 2nd, 2007 12:04 am
joegoda: (Nano!)
Next month, the entire month of November, also known as Novelember, that month when writers from all over the world sit down and try to pound out 1600 words on average a night, I will be introducing a new book with new characters. Have I decided what form that book would take yet? Uhhhhh.. not exacty. Maybe partly. Not sure. sorta. Well.. I just don't have a decent end. I have a beginning, after a fashion, but it would not do to write it down before that wonderful month began.

BUT... before I do that Month, I need to finish one of my projects. It's the Cantata from last year's Nano. Soooo... I figure, as soon as I get back from my monthly trip to Eureka Springs on Wednesday, I'll start writing again, one chapter a night. The book is close enough that if I can't finish it in 25 days, then I just ain't taking it seriously.

Ya'll, if you put up with the reading, will see it's not a magical book. It's the story of a retired, or semi retired Indigo Black Operative, who has had so many names he's only mostly sure of what his real one is. He gets embroiled in the dirty world of Human Slave Traffic when he discovers the daughter he never knew he had was almost a victim of it. The discovery of his only child by a fellow ex-espionage agent takes him half way across the world to Italy, and then to Zadar, a not so sleepy village in Croatia.

Where he was left in the story is when he flew back to the States, to verify his suspicion that his best friend, Martin Gonzalez, an ex-border patrol cop was really Martin Grobchik, ex-Bosnian Military, and brother to Murchek Grobchik, the man who runs the Slavery trade in Zadar.

I can, if you wish to catch up to where the story is gonna start, post what I have written out at StoryTeller's Keep. It's not there yet. Or, I can just dive in and start writing Wednesday night and you can figure it out from previous posts. I'll go back and make sure I've tagged the story as it is under the Tag Cantata.

Regardless, come Wednesday, a chapter a night, of the remainder of the book Cantata.


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