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Okay, darlin sis... how bout this version?

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It's short, this chapter. But what else is there to say? I know, I know. I could write tons more. What about Martin? What about Hamilton? What about Well's fish? What about... well, the story could go on and on.

It's done for now, though. The good guy wins, and continues to win. Heck, he might even get the girl in the end. Regardless, Herbert Wells does finally retire from my pages. The strings are tied up, and if the package leaks a bit here and there, it is simply because this is the rough draft of a character I carried in me for a long time. His life, like mine, isn't neat and tidy, and it is full of unresolved things.

I thank you, those of you who stuck with me on this lengthy process of birth. I especially thank my Lil Sis, Capi, who never failed to give me good commentary and tried her best to keep me true to the character of the story. Couldn't have done it without you, dear.

This story needed to be finished before I could move on. And so, without becoming even more verbose, I present the final chapter in the admittedly very rough draft of Cantata.

Coda )

I reckon I'll be finishing Sid - Ombudsman of Hell, next.
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Catanzaro says goodbye )
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This is the continued story of a semi retired Indigo Black Operative, who has had so many names he's only mostly sure of what his real one is.

With the aid of his Artificially Intelligent assistant, Sarah, he tracks down his former lover Laura and his daughter Kaylee, who are living in Italy. He also discovers what he believes to be a plot to assassinate Kaylee during a benefit performance of the Italian Chamber Orchestra in Catanzaro, Italy. His journey to stop the assassination and meet the daughter he never knew he had takes him half way across the world to Italy, and then to Zadar, a not so sleepy village in Croatia.

Herbert Wells gets embroiled in the dirty world of Human Slave Traffic when he discovers that Kaylee was a victim of it. Captured during a mission for the Yugoslavian Underground, she and two slaves, Besi and Bleri Carnasi, managed to escape. After a brief and bittersweet reunion with Laura, Wells decides to put an end to the slave trafficker in Zadar.

When we were last with him in the story he had just left Zadar, after enacting his revenge upon Martin Grobchik, ex-Bosnian Military, and brother to Murchek Grobchik, the man who ran the Slavery trade in Zadar, and brother to Well's best friend, Martin Gonzalez, an ex-border patrol cop who changed his name when he left the Bosnian Military and fled to the United States.

My apologies to those of you who have no earthly idea what this story is all about. The previous chapters are all tagged under the books title, "Cantata". This is a process I need to do before I can start a new book. There are three or four others, not quite completed either, that are standing in line for me to pick them back up again.

The long road to Catanzaro )


Nov. 25th, 2006 10:46 pm
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Sacrifice of the Queen's Knight )


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