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I unhook the mike from the squawkbox and key into the dispatcher. "Jess, this is Bernie, cab 403. Just picked up my fare at the airport. Destination is Admiral and Sheridan. ETA about 20 minutes, give or take."
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Shannon, light of my life, is headed towards a Health Seminar in Austin TX. We got up before the icy rain hit Tulsa and I drove her to the pickup spot in Sand Springs. It's a 10 hour drive, she tells me. She's going to be gone until Monday. I miss her face already.
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Metro C 707 is the line that picks up at the corner of Admiral and Sheridan. Not far away, but traffic can be a pain. Not that there's that much of it, just that the drivers here aren't very smart. Metro C means that it's a clockwise loop around Metro, which extends from just across the river on the west side of town, up north not quite to Turley, because nobody wants to live, visit or claim Turley, to the Admiral and Sheridan connection and then down south to the 23rd street bridge going west and then starting all over again.

It runs from 6 am to 8 pm. So do all the other buses. I think there are like 8 of them, for the whole city. No buses run after 8 pm, and forget buses on Sunday, because that's not gonna happen. And that is it for the Mass transit in Tulsa. On one hand, it sucks balls if you don't have a car and need to get somewhere. On the other, I drive a cab and I like the money. Life is, as they say, full of balance.

I flip the flag on the meter and start toward the Sheridan and Admiral connection. Five miles as the crow flies and part of it is highway. Actually, I don't flip the flag on the meter, because there is no flag on the meter. It's an electronic counter that I start by pushing a button. It sends a signal to the office and let them keep track of the miles I put on per fare, and thereby letting them know I'm actually working rather than slacking off. I look at it as a good thing. I don't have to do so much paper work, and they do the accounting stuff for me. The fares come out more even too, because they're calculated down to the sixth decimal point or something like that. I like it, but there are a bunch of older geezers (same age as me, but less happy with technology) that quit because of the change from mechanical to eletronic.

It's easier to cheat a mechanical and pocket the money. I never cheated and never will. It's inherently wrong and everybody knows it and everybody who does it eventually gets caught, so why do it at all? And that's the short and long of that. Cabbies who cheat? Good riddance, I say.
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I was 'informed' by those in the know that I needed to put all this down so that in case something happens to me, there will be a record of some sort. What the hell. Why not. Far as I know, if something happens, it won't matter a damn what I did or didn't do. I'll probably be dead. Or not. Maybe I'll get lucky and find myself living in the Dominican (not my choice) under and assumed name (also not my choice).
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