Feb. 16th, 2013

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I seem to wake up angry every day now. I mean, there were a few times in my past where I'd wake up grumpy or maybe pissed off from some dream I had but never would I consistently wake up angry. Not that I remember, anyway, which makes it the same thing to me since I slept alone during that period and there is no one to dispute me. So there.
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so, here's the deal. I wake up angry, and this little bit o'drama is a tiny little (as in very, very small) part of why I wake up angry. I may have lost a good friendship over it. That would be you, sir. I may have lost a less than good friendship over it. That would be the other you, ma'am. More's the pity, but truthfully, it's not worth going all passive aggressive over, which is your bent and mine too. Just let it go. If you want to grow and continue, then be a friend, show up, be friendly. Nobody needs to know any different.

However, I would suggest you consider the path you are on. The world may not necessarily agree with your assessment of it or what it will tolerate. This is not to dissuade you from your path. This is just me saying I've seen nicer, stronger people crushed to smithereens because they didn't know to bend when the wind blew. I fully expect you to ignore me. In fact, I look forward to it.
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I was 'informed' by those in the know that I needed to put all this down so that in case something happens to me, there will be a record of some sort. What the hell. Why not. Far as I know, if something happens, it won't matter a damn what I did or didn't do. I'll probably be dead. Or not. Maybe I'll get lucky and find myself living in the Dominican (not my choice) under and assumed name (also not my choice).
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